Alex Rider Crocodile Tears

By,Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider thought he was living a normal but then Someone wanted him to be a spy again.

The main character is Alex Rider


Charectors: Alex rider,Jack,Harry Boldman,Edward and Desmon Mcain

This is about a guy named Alex Rider who saves the day one mission at a time he as a friend named jack who helps when he is in school and another guy. He went to India a nuclear technition planted a bomb in a nuclear power station jowada but was killed when it blew up. Him and is family went to a new years party in Scotland a few weeks later. At a guys castle Desmon Mcain who had a very interesting history. A few weeks after that he went to a green house and alex did some spying.They figured it out and started shooting when is hole class is on a field trip. But he got away safely.